Fabio Pirozzolo is an Italian drummer, multi-percussionist and singer currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Originally from Terracina, Italy, he started his career as a folk percussionist, playing Italian frame drums tamburello and tammorra, in one of the most famous folk groups in his area. This experience gave him the opportunity to travel throughout Europe, playing concerts and giving lectures on regional Italian frame drum techniques. Fabio performs in virtually any genre of music from jazz to world music to rock. He’s the co-founder of the world music ensembles Sawaari and Grand Fatilla and Italian folk music ensemble Newpoli. Highly in demand both as a drummer and as percussionist, he’s currently the drummer for  Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys and the Union United Methodist Church Band. He’s also the percussionist for Revma Greek Ensemble and Musaner. He taught master classes at Berklee, Harvard and Tufts University and worked at Emerson College and Boston Conservatory as an accompanist for dance classes. He’s the author of the drum transcriptions for Skip Hadden’s drum books "Profiles in Jazz Drumming" and "Broken Eight’s Time Feel". His transcriptions were featured on the Italian drum magazine "Batteria e Percussioni", "Batteria", "Percussionista" and on Polish drum magazine "Top Drummer". When pandemics don't interfere, he keeps a very busy performing schedule: you can visit his performing page here.